30 Day Boot-Camp Challenge – Day 1

Today we kick off a 30 Day Boot-Camp Challenge.

Here are the rules.  Rather here is *the* rule for this month’s challenge.  Set your mind to completing the challenge.  Set your intention.  Set your mind.  Write it down.  See it.  Do it.

Here’s today’s workout.

Warm up for 5 minutes (take a walk, a light run, do jumping jacks or march in place to your favorite song from the Hamilton soundtrack, or two, I mean how can you pick just one?)

Perform the following exercises for 1 minute.  Click here to see how to do the exercises properly.

  • Push ups
  • BW Squats
  • Plank 

Take a walk for a few minutes, march in place or drop into child’s pose.

And that’s a wrap. Yes. That’s.  It.

The first week of our challenge we’re working on consistency.  You know, getting back on track.  The intensity of the workout isn’t what I’m going for, it’s getting back into the habit of doing something every day.

Yes, Grasshopper.  Consistency.  As in “I was so consistent before summer”.  Same here.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

PS – The comprehensive calendar and tracker will be posted under the Challenge Tab on the blog.  Check back later today.

PPS – If you are doing some other workout (walking, running, zumba, swim, etc.) you should still do the exercises.  Strength workouts are good.  Core workouts are good.  Muscles are good.  Word.

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