Fitness Friday: Keli Runs a Marathon (again)

Today I'll unpack my recent race.  It was my 12th marathon and 3rd time running NY  and let me tell you, the Big Apple did not disappoint! When you toe up to the starting line for a race, especially anything over the 10K distance, you've spend the past 12, 16 or even 20 weeks training …

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Fitness Friday: Habits

You all know that I'm a total process/habit/goal-setting nerd.  I just listened to a book on Audible and  I encourage you to check it  Atomic Habits, by James Clear. He provides a path for you to adopt good habits, change bad habits and fulfill your potential.   But before you think it's one of those things …

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Fitness Friday – A Quickie

Here is my go-to strength training workout when I'm really, really, really short on time.  Squats, Push Ups and a Plank.  That's it. Do 3-5 sets of 10 each of the squats and pushups, then settle in for a 60 second plank. You can mix up the squats (with or without weights or a band) and …

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Summer Survival Tips

As a fitness professional for the past 10 years the most challenging time for folks to stay on their fitness journey is the 6 week period from late June into August. Vacations, visitors, dealing with the kiddos at home or having impromptu LAN parties (all the moms with 7th graders get it), beach days, BBQ's, …

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Kicking it into Gear

Happy spring, my friends. Winter is all about maintenance.  Trying to stay active and engaged so when spring comes you can jump into training and take off. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget the "active and engaged" part and come April, they are back to square one. Fear not.  Here are two things you can …

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Are You Unwilling?

When you hear the word unwilling, what are your initial thoughts?  Do you think stubborn, inflexibility, unyielding?  Refusal to do something?  If so, this is a good thing for you AND your goals. Let's take a look at these statements below: I am unwilling to live in a body that is 15 pounds heavier than …

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