2 Tips to Win Your Day

Does this sound familiar? It's Monday morning and your alarm goes off at 5am.  You lay back for a minute and run through your day.  You've got to workout, make breakfast, hop in the shower, get the kids to Google classroom, get yourself on Zoom and darn, dentist appointments at 4pm. You are overwhelmed before …

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Take a Breather and Watch the Birds

I have a bird feeder in my backyard that sat unfilled of food for a really long time.  I had great intentions and all that when I got the feeder but you know...whatever. At the end of May we were starting to get our backyard ready for an SIP Summer and I pulled the bird …

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Holy Cauliflower! It’s Plant-Stock!

This weekend I'm attending Plant-Stock 2020!  For those wondering what the heck I'm talking about, Plant-Stock is a conference featuring, well, THE rock stars of the Plant-Based universe!  There will be speakers, cooking demos, behind the farm tours (it's held at the Esselstyn family farm in Upstate NY) and more.  I've heard about it for …

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Workout Rule #2 – Be Consistent

So here's a little tip that will help you reach your fitness goals. It's actually just one word.  Consistency.   Here's what it looks like. You have a 4 mile run planned but your Zoom call got moved up so you get out and do a 2 mile run. You get to your 6:30am boot-camp class …

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My Workout Rules – Here’s #1

Let's keep it super simple.  Whatever you do, don't skip your Monday workout, run, walk, yoga class, Zumba, bike ride, swim, etc. Start your week off on the right foot or else you're be playing catch up.  And that kind of sucks. If you're a shift worker or have a job where Monday is NOT …

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