Fitness Friday – Yes, Moving Matters

Today I'm sharing an article from the NY Times, courtesy of Kelly's Fitness Article of the Day on Facebook.  If you are in information geek like me, you should "Like" her page at https://www.facebook.com/kellysfitnessarticleoftheday/ The study and subsequent article describe a correlation between exercise and longevity in older adults.  It underscores the importance of physical …

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Workout Wednesday – Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!

We could all do with a little Namaste so here's a shout out to my girl Adriene.  Check out her YouTube channel and try some of her videos. She is inclusive of people of all levels and abilities and makes you feel great about yourself wherever you are. I recommend this 19-minute full body practice. …

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Motivation Monday – What Doesn’t “Hill” You Makes You Stronger

Yesterday my friend Barbara, Carolyn and I  ran a 12 mile training run.  We started in the Headlands, ran down and across the GG Bridge towards the Marina Green. Surprise!  As we came down the stairs near the Warming Hut we dropped smack dab into the "Bridge to Bridge" race.  Undaunted we hopped in (BUT, …

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Grains, Greens and Beans

For anyone who's been wondering how to begin eating a more plant-based diet, here's a tip.  Keep it simple and think of bowls. Mexi-Cali Breakfast Bowl:  Top a bowl of cooked oats topped with cooked greens (fresh or frozen spinach, chard, kale or collard greens), and pinto or black beans.  Add salsa and some avocado …

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Monday Motivation: A “No Matter What” Approach

I'm training for the NYC marathon.  It will be the 3rd time running this race and my 12th marathon.  So I'm no stranger to the discomfort and time consuming nature of a 16 week training plan. But summer training? It was kicking my ass. My training plan started July 15th and for the first 3 …

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Fitness Friday – A Quickie

Here is my go-to strength training workout when I'm really, really, really short on time.  Squats, Push Ups and a Plank.  That's it. Do 3-5 sets of 10 each of the squats and pushups, then settle in for a 60 second plank. You can mix up the squats (with or without weights or a band) and …

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