Summer Survival Tips

As a fitness professional for the past 10 years the most challenging time for folks to stay on their fitness journey is the 6 week period from late June into August. Vacations, visitors, dealing with the kiddos at home or having impromptu LAN parties (all the moms with 7th graders get it), beach days, BBQ's, …

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Stronger Summer Challenge – Days 6-10

Here's the workouts for the week.  On the weekends aim for 10,000 steps and just keep moving.  Don't worry about pace, duration or intensity, just keep it moving.  You can break it  up into 10 minute segments or bang it out on a 2 hour hike.  Whatevs. To print out the exercises, click here   …

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Kicking off our June Challenge in a Few Days

I had hoped to launch a Challenge on June 1st but the the flu happened.   Which literally knocked me flat for close to 10 days.  Even after almost 3 weeks I'm still not 100% so I am, therefore, a bit behind. Look for a post on Wednesday or Thursday kicking off the challenge.   It will …

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