Fitness Friday – A Quickie

Here is my go-to strength training workout when I'm really, really, really short on time.  Squats, Push Ups and a Plank.  That's it. Do 3-5 sets of 10 each of the squats and pushups, then settle in for a 60 second plank. You can mix up the squats (with or without weights or a band) and …

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Stronger Summer Challenge – Days 6-10

Here's the workouts for the week.  On the weekends aim for 10,000 steps and just keep moving.  Don't worry about pace, duration or intensity, just keep it moving.  You can break it  up into 10 minute segments or bang it out on a 2 hour hike.  Whatevs. To print out the exercises, click here   …

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Stronger Summer Challenge

Today we're launching the Stronger Summer Challenge!   You'll fire up your metabolism, build some strength, cue your core and find some Namaste. Print out the workout below or click here. Now go run! Keli 🙂 Note - an AMRAP workout means as many rounds as possible in the time allotted. **prior to starting an exercise …

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