Kicking it into Gear

Happy spring, my friends. Winter is all about maintenance.  Trying to stay active and engaged so when spring comes you can jump into training and take off. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget the "active and engaged" part and come April, they are back to square one. Fear not.  Here are two things you can …

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Are You Unwilling?

When you hear the word unwilling, what are your initial thoughts?  Do you think stubborn, inflexibility, unyielding?  Refusal to do something?  If so, this is a good thing for you AND your goals. Let's take a look at these statements below: I am unwilling to live in a body that is 15 pounds heavier than …

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Tip #4 – Dance with the One that Brung You

Kiss your husband or significant other every time one of you leaves the house and tell them you love them.  Even if you are angry at the time. Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.  At the time of our wedding (on April Fool's Day, no less) we had been together for …

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