Starting Fresh: 5 Tips to Get Back into Exercise after a Break

I used to joke that I never wanted to stop running because I never wanted to start over. But life can intervene, even for those with rock-solid habits! So if you are in a place where you are ready to get back to your exercise program after any kind of hiatus, break, illness, or injury, …

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Keeping Track Through Tech

Remember the humble pedometer? That's how we used to count our steps before smartphones. The use of wearable technology has exploded and users can utilize this tech to improve their health by encouraging them to move more or close that activity loop! As a fitness and health coach, these are the five metrics I check …

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How to Stay Consistent with Your Training

I've been coaching and training for a long time. And I hate to tell you there is no quick fix, no magic workout, and nothing you can do today that will yield results tomorrow. Results take time. Weeks. Months. Real-time, not Instagram time. And the only way to truly reach your goals is consistency with …

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How I ‘Win’ My Week

I know this about myself; when I take time to plan, I'm successful. So every weekend I aim to accomplish these three tasks: Plan Dinners for the Week - I am our family's shopper and chef (for plant-based and omni-eaters), so it's helpful to figure out what I'll be making and what I'll be re-purposing …

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The December Run Streak – Night Running

After injuring my lower back by deadlifting a large box of decorations (tip - bend your knees), I began my running streak aiming to run 1 mile daily from December 3-31. As I've learned from previous December streaks, I don't always have time during my regular workouts to get that mile in, so I will …

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December Challenge: Manage Your Stress

December's challenge is all about handling stressors, and we're going to focus on simple breathing techniques for the first two weeks and throw in some meditation that will take you to the end of 2022. Breathwork is a very simple yet very powerful tool to stop or reverse physical manifestations of stress in addition to …

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It’s Not Too Late to Start the November Challenge

All's been quiet on the challenge front, so I wanted to repost the challenge in case you haven't quite locked into it. And remember, it's never too late to start one of our challenges! The November Challenge This is the simplest of all challenges; your goal is to do some intentional movement/activity for 30 minutes …

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