The December Challenge is Here!

I recognize that December is a big month for many of us. Lots of to-do's, lots of places to go, people to see and I think it's the PERFECT time to do something that supports your wellness. Because listen, we're heading into a season that creates tension, stress, and expectations that are sky high and …

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Getting Roasted

I love vegetables and simply ADORE roasted vegetables.  The crispy outer bits and the soft, sweet insides are so flavorful that you don’t need a lot of oil or seasoning to achieve perfection.  But full disclosure – it can’t hurt! One of the main players in a good pan of roasted vegetables is high heat.  …

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PSA – It’s Time To ‘Get Lit’

It's that time of year to pull out your reflective gear for your evening or pre-dawn runs. For a rule of thumb, consider lighting yourself until the sun has risen or about half an hour before it sets. To make sure you are completely visible on the road think about layering. Start with a base …

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