3 Tips To Get Your Workout Mojo Back

Happy Friday everyone! Today I want to give you some tangible. actionable tips to get you out of your funk and back on track. I call it my tips for Mojo Magic. Ok, full disclosure I just made that up, but I like it. Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com Tip #1 - Start Today …

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3 Things I Do Every Morning

In the self-help arena, morning routines are touted as necessities and some of them are very simple while others extremely detail-oriented. I've tried various incarnations but have found that if I do just a few simple things, my day starts off on the right foot. But first, coffee. I realize we're dehydrated after a night …

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Workout Rule #4 – Push

Here's what most people are doing wrong with their workouts. They don't push themselves out of their comfort zone. Let's back it up. When you started lifting weights or running, the 10 pound dumbbells felt so heavy and that 3 mile run was exhausting. But after some time, those weights feel like nothing and you …

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I Quit Drinking for 60 Days and This is What Happened

I've been alcohol free (AF) for 60 days. Back in late July I decided to clear the decks.  I'd gotten back on a solid workout plan and the next step was to clean up my diet to remove a few extra COVID pounds that had settled in. And in order to get the best results …

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Celebrate the Small Things

In my  running "career" I  have logged thousands of miles.  I've run 12 marathons, a bunch of trail races, Ragnar Relay races, halfs, 10K's, 5Ks and many, many, many long training runs. And while there's nothing like the feeling of crossing the finish line of a race, I will never forget the feeling I had …

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You Get What You Put In

When setting health and fitness goals, the SMART method is a great blueprint ;  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic or Relative and Timely.   But there's one more important piece of the puzzle. Pat can I buy a vowel?  I'll take an "e" please.  As in Effort. When setting goals don't forget to identify and quantify how …

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A Yoga with Adriene LIVE Event

I've been doing Yoga with Adriene (YWA) for years.   I found her on a random YouTube search and have been a HUGE fan ever since watching her very first video. She's based in Austin and she's doing a very rare LIVE zoom class on September 18th.  If you love her as much as I do …

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2 Tips to Win Your Day

Does this sound familiar? It's Monday morning and your alarm goes off at 5am.  You lay back for a minute and run through your day.  You've got to workout, make breakfast, hop in the shower, get the kids to Google classroom, get yourself on Zoom and darn, dentist appointments at 4pm. You are overwhelmed before …

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Take a Breather and Watch the Birds

I have a bird feeder in my backyard that sat unfilled of food for a really long time.  I had great intentions and all that when I got the feeder but you know...whatever. At the end of May we were starting to get our backyard ready for an SIP Summer and I pulled the bird …

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Holy Cauliflower! It’s Plant-Stock!

This weekend I'm attending Plant-Stock 2020!  For those wondering what the heck I'm talking about, Plant-Stock is a conference featuring, well, THE rock stars of the Plant-Based universe!  There will be speakers, cooking demos, behind the farm tours (it's held at the Esselstyn family farm in Upstate NY) and more.  I've heard about it for …

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Workout Rule #2 – Be Consistent

So here's a little tip that will help you reach your fitness goals. It's actually just one word.  Consistency.   Here's what it looks like. You have a 4 mile run planned but your Zoom call got moved up so you get out and do a 2 mile run. You get to your 6:30am boot-camp class …

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My Workout Rules – Here’s #1

Let's keep it super simple.  Whatever you do, don't skip your Monday workout, run, walk, yoga class, Zumba, bike ride, swim, etc. Start your week off on the right foot or else you're be playing catch up.  And that kind of sucks. If you're a shift worker or have a job where Monday is NOT …

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Creating Community

While all indoor fitness facilities in California remain closed for the foreseeable future, many people who have relied on their gym-buddies and fitness-friends are missing a huge support system. Which is why ye old Internet and social media can be a very useful tool.   But if you've successfully opted out of Facebook, Instagram or other …

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Yeah, but….

I'm a fitness professional and as such hear "Yeah, but..." a lot.  It usually is in regards to a conversation about health and fitness or about my WFPB eating. "Yeah, but....I don't have the time to meal prep" "Yeah, but....I could NEVER give up cheese!" "Yeah, but...your classes are so early" "Yeah, but...it's easy for …

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How to Make Amazing Salads

I never used to like salads much.  I grew up eating side salads made of cold iceberg lettuce, pale tomatoes and a few nubs of carrots topped with obligatory croutons and 1000 Island Dressing. But now, I love them.  And I have to say, I have learned to make really good salads.  Today I'm going …

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What the Hell is Chia Pudding?

It's just my newest obsession, that's what it is!  Chia Pudding is super simple to make, can stay in the fridge for 5-7 days and is the base for a sweet and satisfying meal or snack. Chia Seeds? Chia seeds contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium.  They are an unprocessed, …

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Hey Alexa, What Can I Make with Coconut Milk?

Yes, it's come to this. We've been SIP for too long and I'm sick of my own cooking. This is why I had a shout out to my "personal assistant". Sadly she just gave me dessert recipes Which I don't mind (note to self for later), but it wasn't what I was looking for. So …

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3 Tips to Move More While You Work at Home

As many of you have fully transitioned to a work/live situation for the time being, I’m going to assume that you have the ‘Holy Trinity’ taken care of. A place to sequester (hide) for virtual meetings or virtual work Happy Hours.A defined workspace, a square of real estate on the kitchen table, home office or …

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The SIP 10,000 Steps Challenge

It's time to dust off your Fitbits and charge your Apple watches (but neither are required) and get ready for our 10,000 steps per day challenge. For 10 days, starting April 20th, get 10,000 steps in each and every day. It doesn't mater how you get them. It does't matter if you walk around your …

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Tips to Kick Your Sugar Cravings to the Curb!

Sugary sweet treats have always been my Achilles heel. It's a comfort thing, an "I had a really bad day" thing, and all things celebratory! A square of Safeway cake? Happy Thursday to me!! (No, not vegan, but remember what I said about being 95% plant-based). Here's the thing about processed sugar. The more you …

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Pantry Raid

Ha, ha - get it? I recently posted an article on how to stock your pantry (https://marinbreakfastklub.com/2020/03/30/pantry-chat/) and today, I'm going to share two resources so you can take what you have in your pantry to make simple and delicious meals! Vegan Runner Eats - Alina is a plant-based runner just like me. Her goal …

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5 Things in 5 Minutes or Less

Cheers to all of you badasses that are re-organizing and cleaning your houses. You are amazing! For the other 99% of us, here are some simple hacks. Each task takes 5 minutes or less and even if you accomplish ONE per day, you'll be able to pat yourself on the back with a self-satisfied smirk. …

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Join the Virtual Healthy Hour

According to the hash marks etched into the kitchen cabinets, we're on Day 17 of the SIP mandate. (Full disclosure, I'm marking the days on a calendar but please indulge me). The first few weeks of the SIP had me shook. And while I wasn't stocking up for the Apocalypse I was a bit untethered. …

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Zoom Zoom Zoom-a Zoom

I'm 53 so some of my references are old, thanks for bearing with me. With that said, do any of you remember the show ZOOM! back in the 70's? http://openvault.wgbh.org/exhibits/zoom/article I used to love it. But this article is not a walk down memory lane. It's about technology. Yes, I'm going to talk tech. Due …

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What To Do When You Just Want To Stay In Your Jammies And Eat Cookies

The struggle is real. Someone posted a comment on FB that said "Remember when we all complained about not having enough hours in the day? Well, now we've got like 75." Many of us are working from home during and that means we're working, living and staying in a shared space. And we don't have …

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How Not to Lose Your Shit

The Coronavirus threat is steadily plucking on my anxiety nerve-center. The one that I spent thousands of dollars in therapy to help overcome, mind you. So I have been implementing the "coping" skills, which were honed at the above-mentioned sessions, and I'd like to share with you some tips and strategies to help you get …

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Tips to Build Your Immunity

Here are some thing you can do to help build your immunity. Courtesy of the US Centers for Disease Controls Get Enough Sleep. This can help improve your body's natural immune function.Reduce Stress. Chronic stress appears to wear down your immune system and make you more vulnerable to illness.Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet. A …

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Happy Veganniversary!

Today on the podcast I discuss my decision to go plant-based and a few things I've learned along the way. Check out the long list of resources below and click the links for more information. Now go run! Keli 🙂 Resources: The No Meat AthleteForks over KnivesPlant Strong by Engine 2NutritionFacts.OrgRich RollIsa ChandraBOSH!The Happy PearJosh …

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Monday Motivation: Make Your March Count

Today is the first Monday in March and I finally have some goals set. I'm giving IF (Intermittent Fasting) a try. Mostly to see if it helps with some digestion issues. I've heard a lot about it so March will be my test month. The goal of IF is to limit your eating periods so …

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Why I (Heart) Fitness Challenges!

I'm wrapping up a February challenge for my Boot-Camp class. It's called the "Cupid's Challenge". Valentine's Day. Get it? The parameters of the challenge were very (IMO) simple. Between Feb 3-29 come to 10 classes and you get an entry into a raffle. The prize being a skin care package valued at $150. It includes …

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Episode 2 – Challenges

This week we chat about our Cupid's Challenge. Click below to listen. 3 years ago I started my plant-based journey with a 30 day challenge. I've done yoga challenges, movement challenges, meditation challenges and writing challenges. They work for me and it inspires me to work hard. If you want to sign up and participate …

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How to Be ‘Heart Smart’

February is American Heart Month!    Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States.   The good news?  It is also one of the most preventable. Here are a few ways you can be heart smart.   Adopt Healthy Habits Eating a healthy diet (lots of fresh veggies, …

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Resources for a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Plant-based eating and veganism has moved out of the "woo-woo" zone and into the mainstream. So as more people dip a toe into adopting a full or even part-time, plant-based lifestyle it really helps to have some resources. The websites below provide recipes, tips, strategies, and resources to help you get started on a plant-based …

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What Do You Want?

Here's your chance to chime in and help direct articles on this blog! Please take a few minutes and answer the poll questions, you can select up to three answers. Your answers will make sure that I'm writing about what interests you, what matters to you, and what is most useful to you in your …

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How to Turn Your Walk into a Great Workout

I'm a runner. It's my primary form of fitness and it gives me that "je ne sais quoi" that I can't get from other activities. So imagine my annoyance when I crack my baby toe into my ottoman one morning in late December and my running is put on ice (along with my toe) for …

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