Fitness Friday – A Quickie

Here is my go-to strength training workout when I'm really, really, really short on time.  Squats, Push Ups and a Plank.  That's it. Do 3-5 sets of 10 each of the squats and pushups, then settle in for a 60 second plank. You can mix up the squats (with or without weights or a band) and …

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Kicking it into Gear

Happy spring, my friends. Winter is all about maintenance.  Trying to stay active and engaged so when spring comes you can jump into training and take off. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget the "active and engaged" part and come April, they are back to square one. Fear not.  Here are two things you can …

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Navigating the Supermarket

Plant-based foods are becoming mainstream.  Even only  18 months after I ditched the dairy and un-meated myself, the number of products that have come to market is impressive. But before you load up your cart and drop some serious green, here are a few tips to help you navigate this new landscape. Tip#1 - Read …

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We’re Short and Sweet Today

 It's Sunday so we're throwing you some love and not crushing you with Burpees. Add a final 5 minute faster interval to your workout.  And make it count, cause it's only 5 minutes.   That's it. Now go run! Keli 🙂 The Holiday Hustle.    Here's how it works.    Subscribe to the blog to get the workouts …

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