Don’t be a Whener

A what??

  • I’ll start my diet when the weekend is over.
  • I’ll get back to exercise class when the kids are back in school.
  • I’ll go for a walk when my friend is available.
  • I’ll start to run or exercise when I lose weight.

You know, a whener.

I wonder if one of the reasons Mondays gets such a bad rap is because that’s usually the first official day of deprivation (the diet starts), discomfort (the workout starts) or general meh (because one thinks the fun has ended).  However, I digress.

I am not a fan of the word “when”.  Because I’m not a fan of procrastination.  So here’s a novel idea!  Why not start today?  Heck, let’s do it right now!

Here are a few things you can do right this minute that will set you on a healthier path.

  1. Fill up your water bottle and keep it glued to your side.  Keep drinking and re-filling.  Yeah, yeah, you’ll have to tinkle.  Sorry, not sorry.  Drink up buttercup.
  2. Go to your refrigerator and move all of the healthy foods to the front and move the less healthy to the back.
  3. Remove any snacks or treats from the counter top and put them in a bin or in the rear of a cabinet.  Out of sight, out of mind works.
  4. Get off the couch and go for a walk.  Note:  the only acceptable reasons for not doing this right now is a) your young children or babies are napping and you’re running the house solo b) there’s a blizzard or hurricane happening outside c) you don’t have a safe place to walk
  5. Get off the couch and move.  Dance, jump rope, march in place.
  6. Use the tv for good!  Head over to OnDemand, go to Sports, then find yoga or fitness videos.  Pick a free video and do some or all of it (based on your level of fitness).
  7. Surf the ‘net and head over to Yoga with Adriene for an oh-so-feel good yoga practice. (seriously, 10 minutes will make you a convert).
  8. Get out a sheet of paper and write a few goals for yourself.  Detailed goals and action plans are super but listen, we’re taking baby steps here so just jot a few things you’d like to achieve and maybe 1 or 2 things you can do to help yourself be successful.

The point of these small things is that you’re breaking your routine and habit immediately.  Instead of thinking about making changes, you’ve taken action.  Nice job.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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