5 Mistakes Marathoners Make

I was listening to a Runner’s World podcast on my very long run the other day.  I actually listened to 3 of them over the course of 2 hours and 47 minutes so you can imagine how excited I am to open my Sprint bill.  However, I digress.

One podcast had the royalty of runners, Bart Yasso, Amby Burfoot and a few others.  They were part of the running boom back when guys wore split shorts.  shorts

Anyway they were talking about running then and running now.  How more women are racing, tech advances and running shoes.  They touch on injuries and mileage, common mistakes newbie marathoners make, etc.  Super interesting for a geeky runner like myself.

I was most interested when they broke down mistakes marathoners make. I know that many of you aren’t going to run a marathon but it can help if you’re training for any endurance event.

5 Mistakes Marathoners Make (in training or on race day)

  1. Going out too fast.  The rule is don’t pass anyone for the first 10 miles.
  2. Their long training runs are too fast.  Run at least a minute per mile slower than marathon pace.  It feels counter-intuitive but all the greats swear that it’s the best way to train.  If you are breathing too hard you’re going too fast.
  3. They ignore injuries.  A few days of rest with a nagging problem now will save you later.
  4. They try to ‘bank’ time.  They all laughed at this one.  Your goal should be a faster second half of the race, or a negative split.  If you are running a positive split, meaning your first half is faster than your second, you need to work on your pacing.
  5. Stay away from new – stick to tried and true.  Do not eat anything, drink anything, wear anything or carry anything that has not been tested out on one or two long runs first.

Sound advice for sure.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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