One Mile at a Time

Monday started my 9th week of training and I’ll be honest, I was a bit tired from the trail race last Sunday.  Overall I felt good but my calves were talking to me a bit on Tuesday when I went out on my run.  A reminder of the 2 mile uphill grind from the race I guess.

I picked up a great tip this week.  Don’t worry about how many miles you have left in a run or race, just focus on the mile you’re at.   When you get to the next mile, think about that one.  Credit Deena Kastor, if I recall from the Runner’s World podcast.  It’s super advice.

The Plan

I have settled into the training and am finding comfort in the pattern of the workouts.  Tuesdays are straightforward easy runs of varying time.  Wednesdays and Saturdays are short and sweet.  Thursdays are for “training”; hill repeats, tempo runs, track workouts, etc.  and Sundays are long runs with some super fun add-ons in the mix every few weeks.

This week I had Yasso 800’s on the schedule and I’ll be honest, I was worried about them.  I have avoided track workouts for years and finally admit that it’s a confidence issue.  I don’t consider myself a fast runner and think speed work is for other, better runners.

But this training is breaking me out of my comfort zone, and track workouts were on the plan so  so I found myself at the track banging out  7 – 800 meter repeats with a target of 4:15 per 800.  Most of the repeats were at 4:10.  One was 4:12 and the last one was 4:03.

The long run was a straight 16-20 miler.  I settled on a 17 miler in the neighborhood.  Not the most scenic route but it worked.  I felt good for most of it, the last mile or so I was feeling fatigued but at the end when I looked at my splits the last 4 miles were the fastest.

Here’s what the training looked like this week.






The Food

Having the proper breakfast before a long run is always something runners discuss.  What works, what doesn’t.  Some people swear by smoothies, others have pb&j and others have eggs and toast.

Since my training is new I thought I’d check out some other breakfast options before a long run.   My greek yogurt parfait but that was a bust (too hungry, too quickly).  Peanut butter sits like a blob in my stomach, bagels are too heavy and bananas make me burp.  So I’ve gone back to my tried and tested.  Oatmeal cooked in water or almond milk, cinnamon, nuts and raisins with a drizzle of honey.  Perfection in a bowl.

Yoga/Stretching and Body Work

Breakthrough on the Couch Stretch this week!  I’m up to 3 minutes on each side and without grimacing or my Lamaze breathing.    I’ve also noticed that I’m able to get lower in the pigeon so that my hip isn’t 12 inches off the ground and heels are *this* close to touching on down dog.  It’s very satisfying as you can imagine.

This week is a big one, a tempo run mid week that with a warm up and cool down will top at 10 miles (on a Thursday) and then an 18 miler on Sunday.  Yeah.  It’s a big week.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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