Pantry Raid

Ha, ha - get it? I recently posted an article on how to stock your pantry (https://marinbreakfastklub.com/2020/03/30/pantry-chat/) and today, I'm going to share two resources so you can take what you have in your pantry to make simple and delicious meals! Vegan Runner Eats - Alina is a plant-based runner just like me. Her goal …

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No-Brainer Bowls

You know those healthy meal plans that you see in a magazine that look AMAZING!  But then you realize you have to cook or prepare 21 new meals?  Yeah, I hate that. So here's my hack.  Bowls. I have them for breakfast.  I have them for lunch.  I  often have them for dinner.  Because they …

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Tips for a Well-Stocked Pantry

If your pantry is looking a little paltry these days, it's time to stock your shelves. Having what you need on hand is like having a hammer and a wrench in your toolbox.   It's not a necessity but it makes the job more pleasant. To help you out, here's my go-to Pantry Stock Up List: …

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