My Training Updates and an Exciting Announcement

Training Updates

Next week I complete both my 6-week running plan and my 4-week strength training program, so I wanted to share an update.

5K Training Plan

This six-week training plan started with a long interval of 7 minutes, and I’ve built up to 26 minutes. As I’ve shared previously, I’m a marathon runner who was struggling with starting over after a lot of starts and stops. My confidence was shot, my running was labored, and I wasn’t enjoying it. But I wasn’t ready to *not* be a runner anymore.

Enter a formal plan to get me up to 30 minutes of running without walking breaks. Each week builds on the last, with the intervals getting longer each week. These intervals are followed by a 1-minute walk break. Speed work is added once a week, but it’s very short, followed by a more extended walk break.

It’s a very simple program to follow. The most challenging part is figuring out my Garmin to set the intervals for each run. I’ve never trained using a run/walk format, but I embrace the walk breaks and have given myself extra time to warm up and cool down, which allows me to get my mind into the proper frame for the training.

The plan concludes next week, and while I don’t have a 5K race planned at the end of the program, I will move into a 10K training plan to continue my progress. My ultimate goal is to get back to easy 45 to 60-minute runs 3 times a week.

Strength Training

The program I’m doing is based on progressive load, so I repeat the same exercises in different circuits with progressively heavier weights. I’ve definitely noticed an increase in strength, and I’ve gotten accustomed to the repetitive nature of the workouts because that’s part of the process. I look forward to the workouts, and I feel stronger. What felt like a very heavy weight three weeks ago is not as bad. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still heavy. But more manageable.

Exciting News

This blog, my boot-camp program, and my personal training and coaching business have been a side hustle for a very long time. After recently learning that the school where I work (in fundraising as a Development Coordinator) will be closing, I made a decision *not* to find another job and, instead, will go all in with coaching and training.

I’ve always had a steady paycheck to count on, but being able to work with people to reach their fitness or nutrition goals, get stronger and healthier and create a more active lifestyle is where my true passion and purpose lie. And let’s not kid ourselves, at my age (cough, cough 56), why wait?

I’ll share more information about my expanded and brand-new programs soon (nutritional and fitness assessments, coaching, accountability, personal training, small group training, virtual offerings, etc.), so stay tuned! My website is, and you can connect with me there or at

I look forward to helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

PS – I’m also returning to school to complete my undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies: Social and Behavioral Science. So yeah, changes are afoot!

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