5 Tips from a Trainer

People often ask me about getting started with a fitness program or lament that they’ve fallen off their plan. The problem I often see is two-fold.

  1. They set too high a goal for themselves and can’t sustain it.
  2. They lack a Plan B, C, or D if Pla A falls through.

Having been a trainer and teaching 5:30 and 6:30am classes (yes, that’s in the morning) for over a decade, I know a thing or two about this topic and wanted to share a few trainer tips to help you on your journey.

  • Recruit A Pal – Make walking dates, schedule a bike ride, yoga class, or plan a run with a friend or friends. This will provide some social time and you’ll be less likely to bail on Lisa if you know she’ll be counting on you.
  • Get Up – NEVER hit the snooze button. Those extra 8 minutes don’t do anything but give you 8 minutes of unrest. Get up when the alarm goes off, drink a tall glass of water and turn on some lights.
  • Preparation is Key – Whether you exercise in the morning, during lunch, or after work, take 5 minutes the night before to get your clothing, gear, water bottle, snack, earbuds, etc., organized. Either lay them out or load up your gym bag. Many a good intention has died at the gym when you get there without your workout clothes.
  • Give it 10 – Full disclosure, I don’t always feel like exercising and some days I want to skip it. I’m too tired, long day of work, too many responsibilities, etc., But when that happens I make a deal with myself, do 10 minutes of whatever and if after 10 minutes I want to stop, I can. Without judgement. Listen, we’re busy, life is busy, and if it’s 10 minutes or nothing, take the 10 minutes and move on.
  • Have a Backup Plan– If you miss coming to my boot-camp class because you overslept, what do you do? If you couldn’t make yoga because of a work deadline, what do you do? If your kiddo is sick and you can’t walk with your friend, what do you do? Frankly, it doesn’t matter what you do, just that you do SOMETHING. Even if it’s a 2 minute round of squats or 10 jumping jacks. Remember, consistency is Queen.

Tip number 6 is to always remember that you’re doing your best and to celebrate what your body can do.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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