My Best Trainer Tips

Today I’m going to share my best trainer tips with you. Just like religion or a buffet, take what you want, and leave the rest.

To Get Inspired/Motivated

  1. Set a performance-based goal and aim to achieve it within a specific time frame. If you want to run a race, find one within the next 2-6 months (depending on the distance and your starting point).
  2. If you’re into social media, find a group that is doing the thing you’re doing and join it. These types of groups can be really helpful. As a caveat, make sure it’s supportive for your goals and isn’t only created to sell product or services.

To Stay on Track

  1. Schedule your training like you would a very important meeting and keep that block of time SACRED. No cancellations, no skipping, no negotiations.
  2. Find a buddy, take a class, join a group. It’s hard to do the thing every day so make it easier by building a support system.

To Come Back After a Long Break

  1. Identify your current baseline and look ahead to your goal. Don’t get stuck in the “I used to be able to run more than a block” or “I was an athlete, now look at me”. It’s counterproductive to the process.
  2. Set a small goal that you can achieve in a few short weeks to keep you inspired. For example, schedule to workout 3x per week for 20 minutes.

To Level Up (Get stronger, faster, push yourself harder, learn to lift heavier weights, etc.)

  • Invest in a coach or trainer to evaluate where you are and provide a training plan to take you to that next level.
  • Find a running group, join a gym or a program where you know they will safely and appropriately nudge you to that next level in your fitness.

General Tips

  1. Create your own benchmark test. Run a mile, take that Jess King Kick-Your-Ass Peloton ride, or walk up that huge hill near your house. Record your time or how you feel. Then do it in 30 days, then 60. Record your results each time and compare notes.
  2. Give your current program or plan 8-12 weeks to start to see visible results. Many improvements are subtle and slow to show. Be patient.
  3. Show up to do the work. Even if you only have 10 minutes, do something. Then show up again tomorrow. Consistency breeds consistency.
  4. Ditch the fad diets, quick fixes, pills and potions. If a magic pill existed, Oprah would have told us about it.
  5. Ignore people who prefer you stay “just the way you are”. Growth can challenge your friends and family, especially if you choose to go on a hike instead of hitting happy hour. If you are committed to making changes, you have to be ready for a bit of pushback. Stay strong.

Finally, if you need any help navigating your fitness journey please reach out.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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