My Top Thanksgiving Day Tips

The holidays can be stressful for many of us which is why we’ll be tackling mindset next month. But first, we have to get through the big T.

Thanksgiving is kind of like the gateway drug to the holidays. How you manage it can set the tone for the next 6 weeks so let’s set ourselves up for success!

Make Time to Move

    Traveling, visiting family, and being outside of our normal environment can make it challenging to stick with your program. So knowing that, think of a few things you can easily do that will keep you consistent. (The bar is low but that’s the point.) If it’s safe, take walks. If it’s not, do yoga or a quick workout in the guest room.

    If you’re staying home I really encourage you to stick with your routine as best you can, especially if you’re training for an event!

    Drink Up

    Let this be your friendly reminder to make sure you’re staying hydrated! If you’re traveling or indulging with family or friends you’ll need that extra H2O. I like to add a Nuun tablet or a Liquid I.V. packet to one of my water bottles. The electrolytes help the cells absorb and transports hydration into your system more quickly. The results? You’ll utilize more water you drink, have more energy and feel better.

    Eat and Enjoy

    People make way too much out of the Thanksgiving meal It’s only 1 out of the 21 or so you’ll eat next week.

    So what if you pile your plate high and top it off with pie? Who cares if you have 2 rolls with butter? It’s nobody’s business if your plate is filled with stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce. Eat the foods you want without guilt or judgment. You can resume your normal eating on the 25th.


    Taking just three deep breathes during times of stress or anxiety can help calm you down. So if you find yourself getting angry, agitated, wound up or anxious, take a step back (literally or figurativley) and breathe.

    Let me know if any of these tips help you navigate the first holiday of the season!

    Now go run!

    Keli 🙂

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