LIVE Workouts on Zoom!

In March 2020, like most fitness professionals, I moved my in-person boot-camp classes online and taught via Zoom. There was a *steep* learning curve to be sure; lighting, camera angles, and formatting a class that can be done in a space the size of a yoga mat and of course figuring out the sound. Oh yes, the sound.

When restrictions lifted, I resumed in-person programming but kept teaching 30-minute boot-camp classes online every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Two years later, I have a small but loyal crew that shows up in little Zoom squares, twice a week, ready to work out.

It’s tricky, teaching virtually. Not all things translate well; exercises can be complicated to explain and demonstrate and I can’t just walk over to someone and adjust their position. And my humor, well that sometimes is best received in person. But all in all, I very much enjoy having the opportunity to train people who may not live around the corner from me. I have just learned to adapt to the medium, as have my clients!

I know that many people are Zoomed-out, but if you would like a no-nonsense, comprehensive workout that is appropriate for *most* fitness levels and only requires a yoga mat and a band, you should check out my classes!

Just like in-person classes, the workouts are never the same, all exercises are fully explained and demonstrated. You can expect to learn the purpose behind the exercises, how to properly execute them, and be offered ways to make the exercises easier, or more challenging.

To find out more about our program please visit or contact me at

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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