Accountability Tricks

Forget motivation, try holding yourself accountable and you may find more success. Think about it, when have a deadline at work your boss doesn’t care if you are motivated or not, the job has to get done.

Here are some tried and true methods to help keep you accountable as you work toward your goals.

Watch the Miles Climb 

This is super effective for new and experienced exercisers alike.  Keep a running tally of the miles/minutes/steps you exercise.  You can track it daily or weekly.  Many apps are available so you can also find a community to compete against or share with.

Currently I’m planning my runs on my weekly calendar and as I do them I circle them then keep a weekly mileage tally in the sidebar.  At the end of every week I total it up, circle it and flip  the page.

Check it Off

This method allows you to break the goal into daily chunks.  Mark off your success each day and you’ll chip away in no time.  I print up a 30 day calendar, post it near my computer and mark off the day before I go to bed.

I like to keep the calendars even when the challenge is over.  I’ve got a new 30 day challenge pinned over my Yoga Revolution challenge. The old ones are a reminder that I can be successful, even if I’m struggling.

 Visually Stimulating

Post-it notes, stickers and vision boards also help you stay accountable to your goal.  When I wanted to cut out chips and other junky foods, I created 31 little post-it note flags that I put around my computer monitor. Every day I’d pull one of the flags off.  It was a really cool visual, that worked.

Accountability Partner

If you like to work with a village, find a buddy.  A true accountability partner holds your feet to the fire, doesn’t let you make excuses and provides a support system as you navigate towards your goals.  The key is that you are also an accountability partner for your buddy.  See, reciprocal.

Training partners are kind of the same thing.  Would you bail on your pal waiting on the corner at 5:15am?  No, you would not.  That would make you an ass.

So the next time you set a goal, you have a plan for success.  Everyone needs a plan.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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