What To Do When Shit Hurts

“It’s just a flesh wound”.

As a runner you are going to have things hurt.  It’s a repetitive, high impact sport.  So shit might hurt from time to time.

I, like many other runners have “run through” aches and pains and even injuries.  But as I get, ahem, older and wiser, I’ve come to appreciate a few running truths.

  1.  The foam roller is your friend.
  2. Stretching and/or yoga and/or mobility work is vital.
  3. Erring on the side of caution and taking a rest day, two or three NEVER hurts.

If you catch a twinge or recurring twinge at the earlier phase you are more likely to

  • prevent an injury from getting worse, and
  • prevent other injuries from occuring

Your body has a remarkable way of working around things.  If your calves are tight and sore from hill repeats and you go for a long run or a track workout other muscles will need to be recruited for the running action to occur.  This could cause problems in the plantar fascia, Achilles and shin area.  The muscles you’re recruiting, while able to step in briefly, aren’t designed to take the load that the calf muscle usually carries.

So if you use your foam roller, stretch and do your mobility exercises and shit still hurts, take a few days off.  And if it’s not getting better, get it checked out.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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