Tapping Into Previous Successes

So how was your 2016?

Did you reach a goal, make a change, improve in some way?  Did you spend more time with your kids, less time at work, or did you walk away from an unhealthy or unsafe situation?  Did you make a new good friend, drop a negative or toxic one or broaden your circle to include more positivity?  Did you meditate, eat more greens, drink more water or eat less crap?

If so, write it down.

Are there more than 10 things on your list?  Excellent!  Write them ALL down.  As we roll into 2017 and you set new goals and/or resolutions this few minutes of reflection you take now will help you be successful.

See, this is how it works.  Tapping into and recalling past achievements (no matter how big or small) are a big psychological boost for people when they are working towards goals.

It’s a lot like marathon training.  Take the long training runs, for example.  They are designed to

  1. help build up your endurance
  2. allow you to get your fueling and hydration plan in place
  3. test out your clothing
  4. mentally prepare you for the race

Now not all long runs are good.  Sometimes you’re tired, you hurt, you’re too hot, too cold, need to take bathroom breaks, etc.  And some runs are fantastic.  That’s the nature of the training so that by the time you toe up to the starting line you have a track record of completing long runs.  And that’s what you tap into to cover the distance.

It’s the same thing in “real life”.  Getting a new job requires persistence, determination and perhaps a brush up on your skill set and it may take time.  Just like losing weight or training for a marathon does.

So make your list.  Be generous with yourself, don’t minimize your accomplishments, and be proud of what you have done.   We’ll work on goal setting for 2017 later this week.  For now, embrace how awesome you are.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂





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