Final Full Week of Training

My final, full week of training is done.

The Plan

I had to do some jiggering with my schedule  this week since I was not going to do a tempo run on Thanksgiving Day.  As everyone knows, that day is reserved for our Annual Turkey Trot.   I pushed that run to Friday morning and then did my long run on Sunday as planned.  It was a shorter break than usual but I don’t think it hampered my long run.

Sunday’s run I went back to San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge.  6 miles gets you to Pier 39 and then it’s a turnaround and back home.  The weather was lovely and I was in a great head space.  I think it was the perfect finish to my training plan.  And the clear weather felt like a good Omen for next week!

Here’s how the week ended up. week-15-1






The Food

The first part of the week started out balanced.  But I’ll be honest, I haven’t had anything green to eat since Wednesday.   Moving on…

Yoga/Stretching and Body Work

Stretch.  Digging the LAX ball into my tender spots.  Repeat.  It’s become as addicting as watching Bravo TV.

The Final Week of Training

My 16th week of training is light.  A few tune up runs then the race.

Mostly I’m going to focus on logistics; finalizing what I’ll wear, what time I need to get to Sacramento, what time the shuttle will pick me up and reviewing the course and what to bring to eat before the race.  I eat a lot prior to a marathon.

I also need to work on race day strategy.

I initially set my goal for 4:28 which would beat my previous PR (set in 2008) by a minute.    When I found the McMillan Training Plan I changed my goal to 4:15.   All of my training paces are based on that faster goal so I feel that if all goes well on race day I should hit it.

But as any runner knows, anything can happen on race day so I’ll plot out my 3 scenarios.

  • Best Case
  • Something’s Off, 4:28 is Great
  • Wheels Fell Off And I Just Want To Finish

Making this training public and sharing my goals, training, successes as well as struggles, has been very helpful for me.  In a nutshell, posting about it kept me accountable.  So thanks for your support and for cheering me on.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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