Welcome to the Holiday Hustle

holiday-hustle-challengeThe holidays are prime for falling off the health and fitness wagon.  Parties, late nights, egg nog, cookies, cool or downright cold weather, you name it, it’s coming. .

Hence the Holiday Hustle.  A 25 day challenge to provide some healthy structure to an unstructured time of year.

Contrary to what you may be expecting it’s not solely a fitness challenge.   It covers the gamut from strength, conditioning, flexibility to healthy eating and drinking plus mindfulness practices.  Yes, mindfulness.  You’ll be fine, go with it.

So here’s the deal.  I’ll post the challenge on a daily basis for those who like to check in.  I will also have a master calendar posted to a Holiday Hustle page next week.

Also, let’s have some fun.  Tag or comment on my Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/seekelirun/) or tweet me @kelihonsberger.  Use the  #holidayhustle in your posting and let’s see if we can get people to join in the fun.  Heck, it sure beats busting out of your jeans on Jan 1.

Workout #1 – Whittle the Middle

  • Plank to Plank Jacks – 10 second plank/10 second Plank Jacks 
  • Roman Twists – 15 repetitions 

Plank to Plank Jacks 

  1. Start in a high plank position, hands under your shoulders, back straight, legs pressed together
  2. Hold the plank position for 10 seconds
  3.  After the 10 seconds are up, jump your feet apart, then back together, repeating the Plank Jack for 10 seconds
  4. That’s one sequence
  5. Repeat this Plank to Plank Jack sequence 3 times through (for a total of 1 minute)

Knee problems?? For the plank jacks, step your legs out one at a time and back in one at a time – do not jump or hop.
Wrist problems?? Move to a forearm plank.
Can’t manage the entire sequence??  No problem – cut it down to 2 or just 1 time through.  You’ll get there!

 Roman Twists

  1. Grab a soccer ball, kickball, medicine ball, a small child, or roll up a towel
  2. Sit on your tush, knees bent, feet on the floor
  3. Hold your object in front of you, arms bent at 90 degrees
  4. Lean back on your tush so you are balancing on the top of your butt cheek
  5. Hold to your object  and turn to the right and bring your object down towards the ground, then come back across your body to the other side, bring your object down towards the ground – that’s one count.
  6. Repeat for a total of 15 repetitions

Ok, got it?  And remember go at your own level and if something doesn’t feel right, stop.  Also, before you start an exercise program, please check with your physician.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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