This Little Piggy…

In September I decided to get back to the mat for yoga.  My practices had gotten fewer and farther between and I missed Yoga with Adriene (www. and her dog Benji.  I also really missed the practice of yoga itself.

And because I’m weird I can’t do anything just to do it, I need to have a goal.  So I decided to do yoga as often as I could and also decided that I’d work on my Crow pose every day.  Just to see if I could finally get my crow to fly. Ha ha, yoga humor.

Crow is an arm balancing pose.  And it is,  in my humble and non-yogi opinion, hard as hell.  At first you think it’s all about arm strength.  And it is.  But it’s not.  It’s core strength, balancing and upper body strength.  Also, it’s supposed to look really graceful.

This is what it looks like, according to Google images. 


And this is what it looks like in my living room last week.  With my Yoga Cat, Cody.

I worked at this every day for almost a month and I got up.  Not very high, but  I mean  those toes are a good, what 4 inches off the ground.  Nice!  Sure, there are problems with the posture and I’m wearing yoga pants.  (Ok, laugh for a second then let’s get on with it.)  But I am damned proud of this.

Do you want to know the hardest thing about this pose?  It’s not crouching down into a froggy position and doing a toe balance.  It’s not even holding myself up on my hands and preventing my face from smashing into the mat.  Or on the cat.  It’s not even the fact that I’m taking a photo wearing yoga pants.

It was lifting the final toe off the ground.  I would get the left foot up, then I’d be on the big toe of the right foot, just kind of hovering there, willing myself to lift that toe off the mat.

I mean you think sure, just lift the stupid toe, Keli.  What’s the problem?  What’s so hard about that?

But wait, let’s “drill down” a bit and think about it.  That stupid little toe can actually be the difference between staying where you are and moving forward.

We sometimes get *this* close to doing something…then we retreat.  We may do something else.  We may do nothing at all.  We may decide it’s too hard.  Or too complicated.  Too challenging. We’re not that smart.  Not that talented.   The list can go on and on.

So next time,  just lift the stupid toe and let your crow fly.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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