An Even Dozen

Week 12 is in the books.  And now I have slightly less than 30 days to go until race day.  Gulp.  Sh*t is getting real.

The Plan

In a nutshell; there was a lot of running goin’ on last week!  My old pal, Yasso was back and I have to say I had a fun track workout. I got there at 5:50am and it was pitch black and the regular track-walking crew hadn’t yet shown up so I ran up and down the street until they arrived.  Now, I don’t know these folks, but knowing they were there with me made me feel much more safe.

Anyway, back to the workout.  Yasso 800’s are a good test run for a marathon; you run 2 laps around a track (800 meters) in minutes that is your marathon race goal (then you recover and do it 9 more times – keeping that same pace).  So my goal is 4 hrs, 15 minutes for the marathon so I aimed for 4:15 800’s.  I ended up doing all of them at or slightly faster than 4:08.  And I got them done before the high schoolers started PE.  Bonus!

The long run on Sunday was another ‘fast finish’ run.   You do a long slow pace for the first 10-12 miles then finish at marathon pace for the next 6-8 miles.  Sounds good but turning up the speed at mile 10, 11 or 12 is the challenge.  You are teaching your body to work through muscle fatigue.  And general fatigue as well.

I have some minor things to work on before race day but I felt strong for most of it. Running solo, even with the Hamilton soundtrack as company is not easy.  But I’ll be running this race without a posse or a group (except for the runners around me) so it’s good practice to rely on myself to get over tough spots.  Repeat after me, ‘mental toughness’.

Here’s how my week went.


The Food

Listen, if you want to eat somewhat healthfully you have to take care of the two P’s.  Planning and preparation.  Some people get hung up on the planning part and I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to spend 4 hours chopping and cutting veggies on a Sunday.   Be smart.  What can you make on Monday that you can reheat for lunch or dinner the next day?  Veggie lasagne, crock pot dishes, roasted pans of veggies, soups and large salads are all things that can be made once, eaten twice or even three times.  Salads can be refreshed during the week and veggies can be paired with a roasted chicken or ground beef and rice.  Think eating smarter, not harder.

I plan dinner for the week, figuring out what days we’ll eat out or have plans where we will be eating at different times due to sports, etc.  The night before long runs I make pasta.  For lunches I make a huge salad or soup and eat that and breakfast rotates between a yogurt parfait or eggs on toast.   Find what you like and go from there.

Yoga/Stretching and Body Work

I am really happy that my body is recovering well and managing the training distances.  Sure there are some aches and pains when I finish a long run but that’s to be expected.  I give credit to stretching, yoga when I can fit it in and mobility exercises.  Also, I found the LAX ball and my foam roller is my new BFF.

Until about 6 months ago I was never a stretcher.  Like most of you I would go for a run, shower, dress and then get out the door to work.  Color me converted.  And if you want to keep running or doing the activities you enjoy, take 5 or 10 minutes once or twice a day for some mobility work and add yoga to your workout regimen. Your body with thank you

Oh wait!  I forgot.  Core work.  Having a strong core will save your bacon on long runs.   More on that Friday.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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