Ladder Up and a Bonus

37527-Its-Hard-To-Beat-A-Person-Who-Never-Gives-UpToday you’ll complete the Ladder Workout (and take advantage of the optional part of the Ladder) then tackle the Core Finisher.

Climb the Ladder Workout – Do 1 rep of each exercise.  Then do 2 reps of each exercise.  Then do 3 of each, 4 of each, climbing the ladder to 10 reps of each exercise.

Optional:  Once you get to 10 for both exercises, climb back down the ladder from 10 back to 1. 

 Burpees with Jumping Jack

  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, arms above your head
  2. Quickly bend over placing your hands flat on the ground
  3. Bracing your abs, jump your feet back together so you are in a high plank
  4. Immediately hop your feet back to your hands
  5. As you come up do a jumping jack (if this is too intense, skip the jack and just come back to standing with a little hop)
  6. Repeat


  1. Lie on your back and engage your core but don’t let your back arch.
  2. Extend your arms out straight overhead and legs out straight.
  3. Use your core to lift your hands to meet your feet and try to keep your legs straight.
  4. Release back to start keeping your core engaged.

MOD – bend your knees to lessen the amount of weight you put on your back. 

CORE Finisher –  Repeat 3 times through.

Boat Pose – 15 seconds

  1. Sit on your sit bones and balance.
  2. Keep your knees bent, or straighten your legs.
  3. Bring arms out to your sides or overhead.
  4. Hold for time.

Core extensions  – 30 seconds

  1. Start in the same position as above.
  2. Place your hands behind you on the ground for balance (fingers pointing towards your tush) and straighten and bend your knees.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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