Workin’ Out Wednesday

Our April Challenge is almost over.  I have gotten great feedback on the challenge and am happy that it’s pushing you or motivating you or providing an extra little something.  Whatever your motivation, thank you for participatingbear.

Workout – Do the following exercises 3 times through.

Jumping Jacks (45 seconds)

Standing Side Leg Lift (30 seconds each leg) – Stand with feet about hip distance apart.  Bend the right knee and keep it next to the left knee.  Bend the left knee slightly to take pressure off the kneecap and place your left hand on the top of your left thigh.  Squeeze your right leg as you lift that leg away from the left leg.  (Think standing fire hydrant exercise).  Repeat for time.  Then switch sides.

MOD:  Hold on to a wall or chair back for balance.

Burpee to Side Jump (45 seconds)  – Stand with your feet hip-width apart, arms above your head.  Quickly  bend over placing your hands flat on the ground.  Bracing your abs, jump your feet back together so you are in a high plank.  Immediately hop your feet back to your hands and stand up.  When standing, hop both feet to the left then the right.  Repeat

MOD:  Total Body Extensions.

Spiderman Push-Ups (30 seconds) –  Get into a high plank position.  Do a pushup and as you push away from the ground lift your right foot off the ground, bend your knee and bring your knee to the outside of your right elbow.  Press leg back to start position.  Repeat the pushup and bring the other knee in.  Alternate sides with each push up.

MOD:  Perform a regular pushup or do a pushup on your knees. 

Side Shuffle w Kick (45 seconds) – Come down into a squat position and side shuffle to the right for a 5 count.  Lift your right leg up and out, kicking your foot out to the side.  Side shuffle to the left for a 5 count and repeat the kick on the left side.  Repeat for time.

MOD:  Shuffle without the kick.

Side Plank Toe Taps (30 seconds each side) – Start in a side forearm plank with your elbow stacked below your shoulder and stack your feet or scissor them.  Lift your top leg up straight and tap it in front of your stationary leg, then tap it behind.

MOD – Bend your bottom knee and hold a side plank.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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