How I Stay Focused

Like you, I cycle through phases where it’s harder to stay on track and motivated.  Giving up isn’t an option so I’ve developed some tried and true strategies that help me reach my goals.


You cannot expect to reach your goals if the steps to reaching them gets scrapped because something comes up.  In my world that means I make a conscious decision to get up at 4:00am so I can get my training done before I have to be a Mom or an employee.  It’s not always easy, I won’t lie.  But I can count on one hand how many times I regretted the workout when I was done.  And I’ve been doing this since my son was 2 1/2 (he’s almost 12).

The only actual workouts I can ever remember truly regretting were the two Bikram Yoga classes I took.  Hot yoga and me are not friends.  However, I digress.


I am a huge fan of having a schedule.  It’s what gets me through any training plan, cycle or training season.  Right now I am following a training schedule for the Ragnar race in November.  I put together a training plan, printed it out and it’s currently to the right of my computer monitor.

As you can see, it’s a working document; miles added, subtracted and plotted out.  This mess keeps me on track and focused on my next workout.

I also transfer the miles , my boot-camp class schedule onto my weekly calendar so it is right there with my son’s soccer practices, dentist appointments, work schedule, meetings, etc.

It may seem like overkill or duplication but I consider my training and workouts to be as important as other meetings so it has to go with the other responsibilities I have.

Find “Yes” People

I try and surround myself with people who are supportive of what I do.   You need this.  If you are trying to eat better, starting to run or cutting out unhealthy behaviors you want people that are going to say “Hey, you’ve got this”.

This doesn’t mean you need them to jump on your wagon.  But if you have someone telling you “running will ruin your knees”, or “aren’t you worried about getting too muscular” or if your spouse is cranky about the time you’re taking away to go on a run or take a class, it makes it harder to take the steps to reach your goal.  Find your “yes” people.

Push Through

I rarely skip a scheduled workout. Sure there are days that  I’m tired, cranky, annoyed, or just not ‘feeling’ it.  But unless I’m sick I just power through.  Why?  Because if I skip today then it’s easier to skip tomorrow and the next day.  Once you drop the excuses and get up and go you’ll be very happy you did.  (see Schedule above).


When I really need to amp it up or pull myself out a lull I do a 30 day challenge.  Currently I’m 14 days into a Burpee Challenge; doing 10 burpees a day for a month.  I’m also working on the Crow pose in yoga. Every day I hop onto the mat and practice.  Listed out on paper it looks like a lot.  But I look at things as time commitments so the burpees takes me less than a minute and the yoga and Crow is maybe 10 minutes.  It’s just the extra push I need right now.

These strategies work for me and I hope you can find one or two that will help you stay motivated and on point with your training. Let me know!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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