Getting What You Need

I’ve always been able to rely on running as therapy.  It’s how I process things; work stuff, family stuff, parenting stuff, etc.  No matter what else is going on I can go for a run and feel better.  My sadness would lift, my anger would dissipate, my frustrations would yield to solutions and I’d come back happier and more focused.

There was something cathartic about going out and running fast and hard and leave it all out on the road.  This emotional release was welcome and it worked.  It always worked.

Until recently, when running was not the answer to what I was going through.  And this surprised me.  I had hoped that going for a run would clear my head and keep me in the proper frame of mind to deal with what I had to deal with.  Nope.

I needed, craved something different.  Something that didn’t ask much.  Something that would allow me to move and breathe but maybe not sweat or push myself.  So I turned to yoga.  Which was perfect for a two-week period of travel, mourning and grief.  The daily practice just let me be where I was and coaxed me into poses or not.

Now I’m back home.  And while the grieving process continues, I’m eager to return to my running routine.  It’s familiar.  It’s welcome.  And again it’s what works.

That and Yoga.  Because my 31 day Yoga challenge continues.  And you know how much I love challenges.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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