Project Brad – June Update

Here’s a Project Brad Update.

Brad and I went shopping over the weekend.  There was a sale at the Men’s Wearhouse and he needed some new dress shirts for work.  Brad’s old school and still wears a suit and tie to work every day.  It’s one of the things I love about him.

But let’s back up.  A month or so ago we bought him 2 new suits (it’s always “we” when we talk about shopping because Brad’s color blind, severely, so we both go shopping when he needs clothes).  Anyway, he hadn’t freshened his work wardrobe in quite a few years.  Plus, pleated dress slacks are very 1995.

Suits today have a flat front, slimmer plant and a slimmer jacket.  It’s a very European, clean look and it benefits men who are of a leaner build.  Double breasted suits of the late 90’s were more forgiving.  So Brad (with the help of our great salesperson John) tries on a few suits and we settle on a few that looked good.  They are in the same size he’s worn for many years, 46L.  But because he’d slimmed a bit they had to do more alterations so the coat fit well and the pants were right.  Take it in here, nip in there, etc.

Back to the story.

We head over to the Men’s Wearhouse again this weekend.  Shirts are on sale and Brad has a discount coupon (this guy loves a deal) so we come in for a few more shirts.  We bought 2 when we got the suits and they fit really well, slimmer cut and less poufy.  So he tries on his normal size (17 1/2 neck, 34/35 sleeve).   It’s too big in the neck.

Well, Brad hasn’t worn a smaller neck size than 17 1/2 for at least 15 years.  But the 17 1/2 wasn’t fitting so he tries on a size 17 neck.  And it fits.  It fits and it looks good, not like his head is about to explode and his neck skin is bursting out of the top.  (You all know what I’m talking about.)

17.  Wow. That’s a half inch off the neck.  So of course we buy 3 shirts (3 for $99) plus use his $50 off coupon.

Normally Brad would be happy at the deal (he is a salesperson after all) but the truth is, he was really, really, really happy that he could comfortably wear a size 17 shirt.  And that made me really, really, really proud of the hard work he’s put in.  Watching his diet, running every day and making smart choices were paying off.  Huge.

So since some of you may not know Brad, I wanted to share some pictures comparing him a year ago or so to now.  But as I was going through my photos on my computer I realized a few things:

  • I take a lot of selfies with the kids
  • I take a lot of pictures of the kids
  • I take a lot of pictures of our family from the neck up

But then jackpot.  I found one.   The picture on the left is from last year and the other one is this morning before he left for work.  I think he looks a lot different and again, am really proud of how hard he’s working. I’d be curious to hear your opinion.


Brad June 20 2016







This is Brad in 2015.                       This is Brad today, 6/20/2016.

So he’s set with shirts and suits for a while but he needs a new belt.  He’s moved 2, close to three notches on that sucker.  Oh and maybe some new jeans and shirts.  But no one is complaining!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

4 thoughts on “Project Brad – June Update

  1. Tiffany aka, non-runner

    Way to lead the family Keli:) and Brad, you look amazing, but more importantly…. you must be proud of your hard work and feel great!! You guys are a fantastic example for all of us! keep up the good work.


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