Yoga is for Posers

So I guess I’m into yoga now.

In full disclosure I’ve only been “practicing” for a week.  See, this is cool.  You don’t ‘do’ yoga, you practice it.  And you can bet your asanas (that means poses) that I quickly and painfully found out how much I needed to practice.

Since I’m a runner who doesn’t stretch I thought getting into a consistent habit of some body work would be smart. And  I needed something more structured than a self-administered foam rolling and stretch routine.

yoga kittiesHello yoga.

Every day I’ve committed to doing a 20-30 minute practice.  I’m a big fan of television so I’ve turned to OnDemand for my yoga instruction.  Grokker has some very good productions.  I like how they say “sitting bones” instead of “sits bones” and “holding your hands at heart center”.   They are nice to look at and have a pleasant demeanor.

One teacher asked me (well, it was through the tv so not me personally, but you know what I mean) to do some weird bendy thing across my leg.  I laughed.  And he said if that’s too easy you could add this and then that.  I laughed really loud because that’s exactly what I say in my boot-camp class.

Trust me when I tell you that I have a greater appreciation for my students who may feel the same way when I chirp “and if you want to take it to a level 2, add the hop”.   See, personal development comes anywhere.

To be very honest yoga is not pleasant for me.  I’m very inflexible.  Years of running and pounding the pavement have taken its toll on my flexibility.   My practice starts out ok (in a standing pose) moves very quickly to uncomfortable (ouch, forward bends) then settles in nicely to really uncomfortable (shoulder stands, yikes).  But I persist.

Today was great, even as I struggled with the hard poses I felt strong and that I could eventually, someday get there. Yesterday I was really sore and had a hard time even with Sun Salutation.  So it’s the ebb and flow.  Like anything.

But I will say I do love how I feel afterwards.

And that’s what I tell my class and my personal training clients.  If you focus on how you’ll feel when you finish you’ll have a much easier time starting.

And on that note.  Namaste.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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