Create An Environment For Success

Today we’re going to give you a few tips to create an environment that supports your health and fitness goals. This environment includes Your Space (your home) and Your People (your support system) and once you have both set up properly it will make your journey easier and you’ll be more apt to succeed. Ready? Let’s go!

Your Space

Many of us live and work in the same space, with a few other humans doing the same thing. Offices, cubes, and dedicated workspaces are gone so our home has to be set up so it’s conducive to our success. I mean, how many of you amble into the kitchen for a snack just because you were passing by from your computer on the way to the bathroom? So as you embark on your wellness journey, let’s focus your attention on two key areas.

  1. Your kitchen
  2. Your workout space

Your Kitchen

When organizing your kitchen you need to get a handle on your refrigerator and pantry.

  • Stock your fridge with fruits, veggies, lean proteins.
  • Flip the fridge and put all of your produce on the shelves and stop jamming them into the too-small crisper drawers. Think “chilled garden” and put your greens in glass jars like flowers, cut up veggies, and put them in clear containers.
  • Portion out cut-up fruit and veggies so you can grab and go when you are hungry or have to dash out.
  • Remove boxes or packages of food from countertops, think “out of sight, out of mind”.
  • Take a shelf in the pantry and organize it for all of the foods that are in your menu plan. If it’s not on our shelf, it’s not in your mouth.
  • Glass jars are great to store beans, rice, and other dried staples. You can find canning jars at craft stores or at second-hand stores, there’s no need to drop a paycheck at the Container Store.
  • For treats, snacks, or goodies that are in the house ‘for the family’, hide them on a high shelf. I’m not saying you can never have an Oreo again, but why make it hard for yourself at the beginning?

Your Workout Space

Recently, I created a very small workout space where I have just enough room for a yoga mat and a small shelving unit for some of my equipment. I actually found a shelving unit in front of someone’s house marked “FREE” and dragged it home. Listen, it’s not HGTV-worthy but it does the trick. And now, I’m not being stepped over or (worse) peppered with questions or asked to make food for someone. It’s my own little piece of workout paradise!

  • Designate an area where you can workout. I teach an online class and often don’t go outside of the edges of my yoga mat so when I tell you that all you need is a small space I’m not kidding! Find a small corner of a room or you can borrow space in your kid’s bedroom!
  • Don’t get bogged down with thinking you need fancy exercise equipment. All you need to get started is a good pair of running shoes, a yoga mat, and a set of dumbbells, or an exercise band.
  • If possible, keep your equipment in your exercise space so you don’t have to lug it all over the house. It saves time and having a “place” helps you feel more structured. A toy-box holds bands and weights, under bed storage can house your foam rollers or yoga mats. Get creative!

Your People

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. It’s vital that you have people that can support you in your journey. It’s also very important to be very clear with how they can support you.

  • Identify your people (partner, sister, friends, co-workers, etc.)
  • Identify what kind of support you’ll need and ask for it. Do you need your family on board for Meatless Mondays? Is it better for you to tackle the grocery shopping so Oreos don’t end up in the cart? Would your gal pals be ok with a socially distanced walk vs. a Zoom Happy Hour?

But just know that not everyone can be a “ride or die” for you. Your desire to change can upset the order of how things are or your ‘role’ within a group or dynamic. Sometimes the best support comes from perfect strangers. Facebook groups can be a great resource for people who need support for health and fitness goals. Just make sure that the members align with your goals and it’s not just a sales funnel.

If you need to take a few more days before your start on your health and wellness plan to get your environment in line, take that time. You’ll have better success and won’t be constantly swimming upstream.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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