Workout Rule #3

Performance-based goals are deciding to run a race with a time goal, wanting to swim a mile, beat your time when you hike a specific trail, hit a PR in a dead-lift or do a pull up.

When you set a performance-based goal you are taking away any decision about whether or not you want to work out, go for that run or get in the pool because your reaching that goal is entirely dependent upon you doing the work.  You cannot shortcut the process to get to your end result.

Be sure to follow the SMART formula when setting your performance-based goal.  It should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant to you and your circumstances and time-sensitive.

For example:  I want to do 5 pull-ups by December 31st.

It’s specific (the pull-ups) , it’s measurable (5 of them)  it’s attainable (if I do the work there’s nothing stopping me from being able to do them), relevant (it makes sense in my life) and time-sensitive (by Dec 31st).

So get out your pen and paper and set one or two performance-based goals and get to work.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


When setting goals I am a fan of the SMART approach.

  • Specific – a clearly defined goal
  • Measurable – there is some way to measure if you have reached it
  • Achievable – it’s something that can be done
  • Relevant or Relatable – it makes sense or connects with you
  • Time Sensitive – it will be done in a certain time frame

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