Holy Cauliflower! It’s Plant-Stock!

This weekend I’m attending Plant-Stock 2020!  For those wondering what the heck I’m talking about, Plant-Stock is a conference featuring, well, THE rock stars of the Plant-Based universe!  There will be speakers, cooking demos, behind the farm tours (it’s held at the Esselstyn family farm in Upstate NY) and more.  I’ve heard about it for a few years and have really wanted to attend and now that this year is virtual, I can.

You all know I’m a big advocate for plant-based eating so being able to expand my knowledge is not only good for me, it’s good for you too since I’ll be happy to share all that I learn.

I realize that not everyone are on this journey with me.  And that’s ok.  I still love you 🙂  Seriously though, even if you have no intention of ever, ever, EVER going 100% plant-based, I would encourage you to try 1 or 2 plant days a week.  Maybe a Meatless Monday or a Throw the Veggies in a Pot Thursday (I totally made that up, can you tell?).

It doesn’t have to be hard.  Here’s a sample day.

  • Breakfast:  Oatmeal topped with fruit (berries, apples, pears or bananas), walnuts with a drizzle of syrup or honey.
  • Lunch:  Bean and rice burrito bowl with salsa, avocado on a ginormous bed of lettuce, cabbage, carrots and radishes.
  • Dinner:  Pasta with red sauce (for kick add red pepper flakes), a side of broccoli or steamed spinach (or both) bread and a salad.
  • Snacks:  Veggies and hummus, chips and salsa, peanut butter on celery, a small handful of nuts and an apple,  a baked sweet potato, etc.

Even going 1 day without meat will help the planet.  And listen, we seriously need all the help we can right now and I will bet dollars to um, vegan donuts that you are not eating nearly enough veggies.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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