Take a Breather and Watch the Birds

I have a bird feeder in my backyard that sat unfilled of food for a really long time.  I had great intentions and all that when I got the feeder but you know…whatever.

At the end of May we were starting to get our backyard ready for an SIP Summer and I pulled the bird feeder down and decided to fill it and attract some birds.  But first, I had to clean out the yellow jacket nest first.  Gross.

A few days later when the coast was clear I re-filled my feeder and hung it up on the fence.  Lo and behold about a week later I have birds.   They land on the fence and take turns at the feeder.  They hop around on the ground under the feeder.  It’s like bird-a-palooza.  I have small woodpeckers, robins, mockingbirds, some red-headed things (not finches because they are too big) and some brownish birds that visit my backyard.  I also have a pair of doves that peck on the ground underneath the plants.  Apparently, this is what they do.

So why am I writing about birds?  Because when they flock to my backyard (Ok, “flock” is kind of an exaggeration) it makes me happy.  I sit at my kitchen table or at my desk that looks out the window into the backyard and an enthralled.  Flittering about, bickering about who gets to eat at the bird feeder first, who pushes who out of the way and how the different species gather and then disperse.

I feel myself just observing.  Watching.  I’m not analyzing any behavior, I’m not trying to figure anything out.  I just sit.  And watch.  And it’s a perfect little break in my day where I can just be.

It’s a form of noting which is a hallmark of meditation.  Note what’s going on around you without any judgement, bias, thoughts of any kind.  Simply be.

Maybe the next time you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed out take a beat and look up into the sky and check out the birds.  Or sit in your backyard and listen for their songs.  And just be.  Even if it’s for just a minute or two.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




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