Halfway Point

Back in late 2016 I read something in my news feed on Facebook about running 1000 miles in 2017.   And it sounded like a great goal so I decided to go for it. The only hitch in my giddy-up was except training for the CIM I’d never been good at keeping track of mileage on any consistent level.   Regardless I decided to go for it and see what the year would bring. Besides I’m always game to try something new!

Plus, 1000 miles broke down to an average of 19.23 miles per week and that seemed totally do-able.

I’m happy to report that at the halfway point of 2017 (week 26) I’ve clocked 466.28 miles.  I’m a bit short of the halfway benchmark of 500 miles but if I maintain a 20.53 weekly mileage goal I will hit 1000 miles on December 31st.   I’ll let you know how it goes.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you and the goals you set for yourself for the new year.  Are you on track, crushing it, or had to scrap it?  Do you even remember what your goals were?  🙂

If you’re struggling maybe it’s time for a reset.  Take a few minutes and re-visit your goals, your plan, the steps you need to get there.

If you planned to run a 10K in the fall but haven’t quite gotten from the couch to the road or trails let’s look at a smaller race you can do in November.  A 5K fun run?  A color run?  There are lots of options.  If you meant to get to the gym after work and haven’t made it there yet, let this week be the week.  (Hint, it’s a short week so your odds of succeeding this week are huge).

Maybe you decided it wasn’t the time for that specific goal.  That’s totally ok but maybe there’s something else you want to accomplish.  Listen, it’s never too late to set the bar for achieving something.  You deserve to live a happy, healthy life.  Figure out what you need to do and go for it.  Jump in.

We’ve got this.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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