New Gear

In marketing speak I’m a “late adapter”.  Which means I don’t jump on trends early, in fact, by the time I get around to new things, they aren’t new.  Which leads me to my Garmin.

I have had the same Garmin 435 since 2006.  And while new watches came to market, I was fine with my trusty Garmin.  I only had to replace the watch band once and the customer service or Garmin products, in my opinion, has been excellent.  I mean, why mess with something that was working, right?

Until it wasn’t.  Little things started happening,  the charging adapter only charged if the watch was laid on its side carefully and then it wasn’t staying charged for as long, I had trouble syncing with my computer, and the final straw was that it didn’t start tracking until I was over a mile in to my run.  So I figured it was time to retire the old girl.  The Garmin, not me.  🙂

fullsizerenderSo for my birthday I bit the bullet and bought myself a Garmin 230.  As far as running watches and functionality go, it’s in the middle.  Which is fine because all I need is this; how far, how fast, how long.

And the numbers needed to be big because listen, I’m 50 and my vision is shit.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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