Building Heat

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s your next 5 days of plank exercises.  Nothing earth shattering, we’re just adding time and, well time.

So here’s the deal with these planks and this challenge.  The time and sets are guidelines.   If you are struggling with 20 seconds it’s fine.  Stay there for a few more days.

In  a plank you are engaging every muscle in your body to prevent you from crashing to the ground.   That’s a lot for your  core to manage.  So take it easy.  You’re doing great!

On the flip side.  I know some of you are able to hold a plank longer than the time allotted.  Again, think guidelines.  But before you start on your double-digit plank take a workout or two and make sure your form is clean.

You’re pressing away, lifting, light on your toes, your hips are lifted but your tush is down.  You’re gazing softly to the edge or your mat and pressing your heels away from your body.  Think stretching, elongating, pulling.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




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