Merry Fitness

If you go solely by Facebook standards, our family is only one that hasn’t already decked the halls for Christmas.  I mean it’s not even DECEMBER and I’m starting to feel the pressure.

Speaking of pressure – see how easy it is to pivot-  I know the holiday hustle and bustle are the Numero Uno reason that people opt to ‘take a break’ from their fitness and healthy eating plan.  I get it.  As much as we all know I prefer to shelter in place on most evenings, I’ve got three nights of parties in a row and on that third night there are two that I’ll be attending.  So yeah, I understand the idea of skipping workouts or indulging in some or many goodies.  I mean, I’m not a monster.

So if you’re faced with a lot of extra responsibilities, events, activities, etc. there are a few things you can do to have a Merry Fitness.

  • Let December be a “conditioning” month and plan 3 or 4 workouts a week and let that be your benchmark.   Don’t worry about how long each workout is.  Just start conditioning yourself to hit that many days.
  • Grab a calendar and figure out how many events you have in the coming month or so.  Lunches, pot lucks, cocktail parties, holiday extravaganzas, holiday dinners, cookie exchanges, etc.  Add that number up. Ok, say it’s 25.  Most people eat 4 times a day so if you multiply 4 x 31 (days in December) you get 124 meals.  So out of the 25 parties you are attending, you popular person you, there are 99 opportunities to eat right.  I know, mind blown.  So here’s how to go into it.  You have a party at night and you want the piggies in a blanket or the cocktails or prime rib or all of it.  Sure, whatever, no judgement.

Step 1 – exercise first thing

Step 2 – drink a lot of water, all day long

Step 3 – eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon snack and maybe a little healthy something, something before you head out

Step 4 – enjoy

  • There’s 2 schools of thought on your favorite holiday foods;  take the power out of the food by reminding yourself that this won’t be your last and final chance for pie EVER,  or make space for your favorite holiday foods and enjoy them.  I’ve tried both approaches and I’ll tell you that I’m in the second camp.  I like my holiday treats around the holiday.  But, (or butt) they have to be in moderation.
  • Schedule a race or event in March.  This will give you something to work towards (after your December conditioning month).  January is kind of a let down as the bills start rolling in and the decorations come down.  Keep some spark in your workouts by having a goal.

Ok, that’s it!  3 simple tips to help you stay on track.  You can also join the Holiday Hustle that kicks off December 1st.  It’s 25 daily workouts that only take 8-18 minutes a day, depending on the workout.   Check back for details in, Yikes, 2 days!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

PS – We’re trying to grow the community so please share this post with anyone looking for some extra motivation, TLC or a kick in the you know what!




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