How to Love your Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Today I’m sharing the love with a quick tip to keep your ticker strong.

But first, some very simple science.

 heart_box_diagramCardiovascular exercise increases blood flow and volume.  This higher volume of fresh, oxygenated blood will, over time, force the left ventricle to adapt and enlarges.  (The body is amazing at adaptations, if you haven’t figured it out yet.)

This increase in size means the cavity can hold more blood and eject more blood per beat.  Even at rest.  So more blood being pumped at once means a lower overall heart rate  

Which means?? 

Your heart doesn’t have to work as hard.  And that’s a good thing for your heart over time.

Soooo….get out.  Go for a walk, run, bike ride or swim.  Dance, Zumba, hike, play soccer, chase your kids.  Get your heart pumping.  45 minutes to an hour most days is ideal but 30 will suffice.  

Your heart will thank you.clker-heart-clip-art

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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