Focus. Drive. Dedication.

motivationHappy Tuesday!  Today we tackle our second workout of the week!

Warm Up – 30 seconds each exercise 2 times through.

March in place  / High Knees / Speed Bags / Arm Circles


Workout   –  Do 3 rounds; do each move for 30 seconds.  Move quickly between exercises.  Rest if needed.

Skater Lunges – Move side to side, hopping and reaching for your opposite foot with your hand.   Keep your front knee in line with your front foot, and your rear foot sweeps back to line up with your front foot – – keep your chest upright.

MOD:  Slow down and/or do reverse curtsy lunges and  hold onto a wall or chair for balance.

Alternating Hand Push-Ups – Start in a high plank with your hands staggered (one in normal position, the other lower or higher).  Alternate hand positions each time you press up – do this move slow and controlled.

MOD:  Drop down to your knees.

Jumping Jacks

Bear Crawls – Start in a tabletop position (all fours)  BUT  hover your knees above the floor, your weight on your toes.  From this hover position, take your right knee to your left elbow, replace to start (keep your knee off the ground) and switch sides.  Alternate for time.  Keep your hips low and your core.

 MOD:  Do slow cross body mountain climbers or stand and do standing cross crunches.

Lateral Jumps – Jump across your mat – light on your feet, keeping your weight back, land softly, chest lifting, use your arms for momentum.

 MOD:  Step and squat.  Eliminate the jump. 

Crab Dips –  Sit on the floor with your knees bent, heels on the floor (toes up)  and your hands on the ground under your shoulders with elbows bent – fingers facing towards your tush.  With abs engaged straighten your arms, squeeze at the top.  Release and lower yourself back to the ground, bending your elbows as you touch the ground.  Once your tush touches the ground, immediately straighten your arms again

MOD:  Hold a reverse plank.

Work hard.  Stay strong.  You’ve got this!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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