Hump Day Challenge Workout!

successI hope you are having fun with our Challenge workouts!  I know it can be tempting to cut the time short or skip some exercises that you don’t care for.  This is a mental block and for this challenge let’s try and get over it.   Listen to music or have a reality show playing in the background.  Providing yourself a slight distraction (while making sure you are doing the exercises properly) will help you get through the time!

Workout:  Do 30-45 seconds of each exercise 3 times through

Half Jumping Jacks – Begin in standing position, jump up, spread legs and bring arms up halfway, return to start

MOD:  March in place, moving arms as indicated.

Spades Pushups  – Get into a high plank, place hands under chest, thumbs touching.  Keep body straight and lower chest toward hands, press away

MOD:  Regular pushups, pushups on your knees or against a bench or wall.  Bird dog.

Stationary Lunges  – Step into a lunge position until front thigh is parallel to floor, bring pelvis straight down to the floor, squeeze legs and press up to start.  Repeat for time then switch sides.

Side Leg Lifts – Lie on your side, rest head in hands, stack feet on top on each other, feet flexed.  Slowly lift top leg 6 inches, hold, this is your start and finish point.  Lift foot 2 feet, lower.  Repeat for time then switch sides.

Kick Backs – Begin on all fours.  Kick one foot back, heel pressing to the sky (keep foot flexed) until thigh is parallel to ground.  Squeeze tush as you lift your foot to the ceiling.  Pause at the top then slowly lower to start.  Repeat for time then switch sides.

Tripod Hold (30 seconds)  –  Begin in a high plank legs spread.  Release one hand and place on lower back.  Hold for 30 seconds, switch sides.

MOD:  Regular plank.  Bird dog.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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