Five Minute Friday

Hey, it’s 5 Minute Friday!  Give yourself 5 minutes, RIGHT NOW to think, plan and set yourself up for a healthy weekend.

  1.  Carve out time for exercise and schedule it like any other appointment.  And I’m not talking a bike ride around the lagoon with the kiddos.  I mean a true sweat or strength sesh.  30 minutes MINIMUM.
  2. Pick your battles.  Lunch, Brunch, Dinners and drinks are tons of fun, right?  Sure.  But be strategic and pick one meal each day where you can relax the rules.  We’re not talking a splurge meal (because those are for only very special occasions), just some loosening of the reigns.
  3. Find time to relax and rejuvenate.  We go, go, go, all week long and often times our weekends are reserved for kids’ activities and the things we didn’t do Mon-Fri.  Take a nap.  Sit outside and read a book.  Do 10 minutes of restorative yoga in your jammies.  Breathe.

Follow these tips and you’ll emerge from the weekend with some serious traction moving forward.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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