I can easily be accused of over-posting about my workouts, my runs, my plant-based stuff and the classes I teach.  Sure, I’ll own it.

Because for the 10 or 20 or heck, even 40 of you that scrolls past and thinks “Jesus Christ Keli, blah blah blah…”, there may be someone who reads what I have to say and thinks, “Hmm, maybe…”.

Running a marathon. Running 11 marathons.  Teaching boot-camp.  Starting my own boot-camp company.  Writing a blog.  Starting my own fun runs, going plant-based, and a host of other things all started because I read something somewhere and thought “Hmmm, maybe.

It planted the seed of possibility.  Which can be a catalyst for change.

So keep posting my friends.  Share your workouts.  Post pictures of your crow pose.  Video tape something inspiring.  Plan to do something so outside of your comfort zone that scares you and let us know.

You never know who’s reading and you never know who may decide to join you on your journey.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂





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