Combatting High Blood Pressure

Last year there were changes to guidelines on high blood pressure and because of that, almost half of all Americans have hypertension. Hypertension can lead to heart attacks, stroke, and a host of other problems and the scary part is that symptoms may not present themselves until it’s too late.

What’s important to note is that exercise, diet, and other behavior techniques may reduce blood pressure without drug therapies. (IDEA Fitness Journal, March 2018)

Cardiovascular or Aerobic exercise are king but strength training is also beneficial.  A diet rich in fruits, vegetable and whole grains and low in sodium, saturated fat, total fat and alcohol can reduce blood pressure.  Vegetarian diets also get high marks.

The chart below identifies the New Blood Pressure Guidelines (courtesy of the American Heart and American Stroke Association).

If you haven’t been to the doctor or had your BP checked, head over to your local drug store and sit at one of those machines and get yourself tested.  Follow the instructions carefully for an accurate reading.

If, like me, you get a little white-coat syndrome (your bp spikes at the doctor’s office), practice some breathing techniques and inquire if you can have your BP tested after a few minutes.

More information can be found at the American Heart Association.(

Now go run!

Keli 🙂






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