The December Challenge is Here!

I recognize that December is a big month for many of us. Lots of to-do's, lots of places to go, people to see and I think it's the PERFECT time to do something that supports your wellness. Because listen, we're heading into a season that creates tension, stress, and expectations that are sky high and …

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The December 3X Challenge

Our December Challenge Starts Monday.    And I'm extending the entry to the contest until Sunday night.  So if you don't let me know you're "in" by then, sorry, you're not eligible for prizes.  You will, however, worked on some serious habit-formation so there you go. Here's the challenge.  Workout 3x per week for 45-60 …

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Forward to Friday

Welcome to Day 2 of the Holiday Hustle!  Today we're only doing one move.  It's yoga but don't freak out. Standing Forward Bend It's a surprisingly simple move with great benefits; spinal decompression, balance and improves flexibility and more. First let's get you into the proper standing pose Stand with your feet hip distance apart, knees …

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