A Seasonal Challenge

I’ve slowly come out of my turkey coma and have moved the fruits and veggies back to their prime position in the fridge.  I’ve given a pie away to the neighbors, frozen leftover turkey bits and have come back to my senses.

Thanksgiving will do that to you.

And now we roll onward to the Christmas Season.  Which begs the question; what are your goals for December?

A gal who takes my boot-camp class is in a wedding in 3 weeks and needs her upper body to look slammin’ in a strapless dress.  Her plan? 50 pushups every day.  Love that!

Here are some challenges you may want to do this holiday season.  Your own Seasonal Challenge, if you will.

Squat Challenge:  Week 1:  20 squats a day.  Week 2:  30 squat a day.  Week 3:  40 squats a day.  Week 4:  40 squats a day.  By December 31 you’ll have done(let me get my calculator):  980 squats.  (note:  50 squats will take you less than 10 minutes).

:Pushup Challenge: Week 1:  10 pushups a day.  Week 2:  15 pushups a day.  Week 3:  20 pushups a day.  Week 4:  25 pushups a day.

Plank Challenge:  Week 1:  30 second plank a day.  Week 2:  45 second plank a day.  Week 3:  60 second plank a day.  Week 4:  120 second plank a day.

Water Challenge:  Drink 64 oz. of water every day.  While there are questions on whether 64 oz. of water is the gold standard, the truth is that most people do not drink enough H2O and water is a very important component of good health.

F/V Challenge:  Eat 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies a day.  Not 3, not 4.  5-7.   If you aim to eat a fruit and a veggie with every meal or snack, you’ll hit your minimum in no time.  Mark them off on your calendar, iPhone or post it note.

Run Challenge:  Set a distance to run each week and then hit that mileage.  Whether your goal is 10 miles a week, 15 miles or even 20 miles a week.  Schedule your runs in your calendar ahead of time and then check them off.

Gratitude Challenge:   The holidays are rushed and stressful.  Shopping for the perfect gift, feeling stretched emotionally and financially can take its toll, turning the holiday season into a slog of responsibilities.  This year, take a minute or two every day and count your blessings, offer some gratitude to the heavens, call your Mom, Dad or a good friend and express thanks.

I’d love to hear what other challenges you creative people come up with so please feel free to share them!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



2 thoughts on “A Seasonal Challenge

    1. Keli Honsberger

      I was thinking that too as I wrote them 🙂 I need to up the H2O as well and well, I sometimes need to take time to focus on the Gratitude!


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