Throwing Down a Challenge

I’m running a challenge for my boot-camp program beginning December 1st and I’d like to invite you to join.

December is a tricky month.  There are a lot of social things, family things, and a lot of pull on our personal time.  By committing to 3 workouts per week, you are setting the tone that YOU matter, YOUR fitness matters and that YOU DO have the time to carve out space for your health.  Plus, it will give you a tremendous head-start for January.

Think about it.  How would it feel to start January 1st ahead of the game?

The beauty of the challenge is that it’s simple but don’t be fooled.  You’ll have to dig in a bit.

Here’s the challenge.

 Workout 3x per week for 45-60 minutes between December 1-31.  

Now the rules.

Email me that you’re in for the challenge by November 30th.  There are no late entries for this challenge.

You must do 3 workouts PER week.  Not 2 one week, 4 the next.  We’re not averaging it out.  It must be 3 every week.

Report to me after every workout by sharing a picture.  I want proof, the sweatier the better.  (I promise that your photos will NOT be shared with the public.)

Every workout must be accounted for as you do it.  You can’t report on Friday that you did Mon, Wed and Thursday.

You can do any kind of workout you like.  It just has to be 45 minutes MINIMUM.  There’s the honor system happening here 🙂

Here are the acceptable methods of reporting your workouts.

**Facebook – we have a private group so I’ll email you the link
**Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter
**Text or email

Ok, that’s it.  Wait, prizes?  You want prizes?  Ok.  Done.  I love rewards.

Now the most important question.  Are you in?

Now go run!

Keli 🙂






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