Kicking it into Gear

Happy spring, my friends.

Winter is all about maintenance.  Trying to stay active and engaged so when spring comes you can jump into training and take off.

Unfortunately, a lot of people forget the “active and engaged” part and come April, they are back to square one.

Fear not.  Here are two things you can do today to help you get back on track.  Just two little things.  You’re welcome.

 Plan your workouts for the week

This is my tried and true, best ever, most successful tip.  You plan your work schedule, you plan your kid’s schedule, you plan your trips, you plan your girl’s night out.  They all go in the calendar.  Why?  So you don’t double book yourself and  forget what you have to do.  See the thinking behind this?

Now get out your calendar and see where you can fit in the workouts.  It’s important.  YOU are important.  And please don’t you dare mutter under your breath how you don’t have time and “it must be nice” to find time to exercise.  You have 30 minutes three times a week to do something.  C’mon now.

Create Your “Non-Negotiables”

These are the things you do no matter what.  So when the wheels come off and you’re in the weeds (because it does and it will), you’ll be able to keep to your commitment and eek out the minimum to help you stay on track.

  1.  Exercise at least 10-15 minutes per day
  2. Drink water

Once you have your Non-Negotiables in place, the shit can totally hit the fan but you’re taking care of you.   And call me crazy, but these two things above are pretty easy to accomplish.  When my Mom was in the hospital, I would do yoga in my hotel room.  It was nowhere near what I would normally do for exercise but it kept me in the habit, allowed me to remove myself, at least mentally, from a  horribly sad situation.  So, get your Non-Negotiable down on paper today.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂







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